Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pope baptises former Muslim during Easter vigil

This poor guy is in for some serious danger now that he has very publicly abandoned the Religion of Peace. I hope the Pope is going to allow this guy to hide in the Vatican because Muslims tend to butcher those who dare to leave Islam. Look at how they handle the Insult of a cartoon! With Allah ordering them to behead those who have the nerve to leave Islam, this guy will have millions of Peaceful Muslims trying to butcher him.

God bless you and happy Easter. Welcome to Christianity.

Pope baptises former Muslim during Easter vigil: "Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday baptised a former Muslim among seven converts to Roman Catholicism during an Easter vigil mass at St Peter's Basilica.

Magdi Allam, a 55-year-old Italian journalist of Egyptian origin, is an editorial writer and deputy publisher of the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

He was long described as a moderate Muslim before he decided to convert to Catholicism.

'People who are baptised and believers are never strangers to each other,' the pope said in his homily. 'Continents, cultures, social structures and historical distances cannot separate us.

'But we meet each other, we know each other by the same Lord, the same faith, the same hope, and the same love that shapes us.'

Allam, who has been outspoken about the conflict in the Middle East, in 2006 organised a demonstration in Rome in support of Christians in the Muslim world."

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