Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rachel Corrie was a fascist supporting fool

How about that, the IDF has finally released the videos of Rachel Corrie's death and show plainly that she was NOT protecting a house. She was NOT protecting innocents. She WAS protecting an arms cache. What a fool.

The stupid hippies who raised this poor fool allowed their daughter to be used as a tool of the terrorists. I am not sure what can be done to them except scorn for their ignorance. I actually pity them for the loss of their daughter. I wish they had been better parents, however.

Think-Israel: "'Contrary to Smith's report, IDF Capt. Jacob Dallal of the IDF Spokeswoman's Office said Corrie's death was an accident. The US State Department had no immediate comment.

In a series of three videos, each running approximately nine minutes, Becky Johnson and Lee Kaplan debunk the myth that Corrie was protecting a house. In fact, as Smooth Stone[3] points out and as you will see in the video below, Corrie was standing in a trench where she could not be seen, protecting an entrance to a weapons tunnel.

Actual video footage from the Israeli Defense Forces show the real circumstances under which the terrorist-loving anarchist died: knee-deep in a trench in the middle of dirt in an open dirt field. The left arrow on the photo below points to the tractor, the right arrow shows the kneeling Rachel Corrie. To see the live action footage moments before Rachel Corrie's accidental death, go to the Part 2 video 49 seconds into the video:"

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