Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Buh-Bye Pat Regan

Oh the irony! This is too sad to laugh at, but I have an urge to...

What can we do to prevent knives from falling into the wrong hands? Where is the Government Training and Licensing body for Knives? This is too dangerous! When will the Government do something!

End of sarcasm...

Something... and Half of Something: Buh-Bye Pat Regan: "Sadly, earlier this month, prominent anti-gun campaigner Pat Regan was stabbed to death by her own grandson, who suffers from 'mental problems.' He then went out and stabbed someone else.

You kinda have to wonder what Pat was thinking at the very end, perhaps... 'Thank G-d guns are outlawed or I might be tempted to shoot him before he kills me.' Or maybe it was just 'I'm glad don't have one of those evil firearms because I might be tempted to shoot this crazy bastard before he stabs me to death.'

No matter. The killer killed and Pat Regan, founder of Mothers Against Violence, still died a violent death at the hand of a crazy person, a crazy person who killed her, and then tried to kill someone else, for no good reason other than his own insanity. But since nobody got shot, we should all feel safer, right?"

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