Monday, June 09, 2008

Iranian Cash For Blood Campaign Collapses

It is sounding more and more like Iran is almost prepared for a Second Revolution. What can we do to help that along? Since the Theocracy has taken over, the Iranians have almost been prisoners of their religion. I would pity them, but they did put these thugs in power! Take the mullahs out to a large farm and wall them in. I wonder how long they will last?

Iran: Cash For Blood Campaign Collapses: "Cash For Blood Campaign Collapses

June 8, 2008: When the Mahdi Army began attacking British troops more frequently two years ago, the British conducted an intelligence effort to find out why. They discovered that Iran was paying members of the Mahdi Army up to $300 a month to make these attacks (which caused over a hundred British casualties). The Iranian connection was kept secret by the British until recently, since the recent defeat of the Mahdi Army is likely to bring the Iranian "cash for blood" campaign to light anyway.

Iranians are concerned with more mundane matters. The inflation and unemployment, despite constantly rising oil prices (from $11 a barrel a decade ago, to 12 times that today), has turned popular opinion against the government. This has been helped along by the new government campaign to eliminate "un-Islamic behavior" (this includes satellite TV, public displays of affection by men and women, fashionable clothing for women, having fun in general), and disillusionment with the government campaign to build nuclear weapons (which is now seen more as another government stunt to divert peoples attention from all the government screw-ups.) The activities of the religious police are all the more annoying in the face of rising drug addiction and more mundane crimes (like robbery, rape and murder). The American success in Iraq and Afghanistan has also been noted, and there're more jokes hear in the streets about arranging an American invasion."

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