Monday, June 09, 2008

Much Lizardly Ado About . . . A Little Something

This is a very long post about the efforts around the world to combat radical Islam. You need to read it and learn more. I have not been able to read the entire thing yet, but made it almost the whole way, learning much as I went. I hope you can learn too.

Wolf Howling: Much Lizardly Ado About . . . A Little Something (Updated): "The DHS, several weeks ago, decided to alter the semantics of how they refer to Islamic terrorists. That was a decision that has been much derided by many commentators, including me, perhaps unduly harshly. Dafydd is strongly of the school of thought that supports the DHS approach 'in order to open . . . an ideological counterinsurgency.' This approach involves using alternatives to the terms such as 'jihadi' and 'Islamofacism.' 'Jihadi' means a 'holy warrior,' which is precisely the status to which those motivated by Islam to commit terror aspire. Calling them 'jihadis' elevates them to that status in their eyes and the eyes of the world. Calling them something else would stop that. Dafydd sees such efforts as a nascent step towards engaging in the ideological battlefield. He sees this semantic effort as a way of discrediting the terrorists and driving a stake in between them and Muslims who do not support terrorism."

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