Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Obama is now the only obstacle to victory

You know, if we did start treating the Left as terrorists, we could have then we could have this country running well in just a few months.

Not that I would ever advocate the slaughter and/or internment of Leftists. Except when I am full of drugs from getting a root canal...

The Monkey Tennis Centre: Obama is now the only obstacle to victory: "Obama is now the only obstacle to victory

Matthew Continetti has a piece up at The Weekly Standard on the clear signs of progress being made in the War on Terror, and he rightly gives much of the credit to the policies of President Bush. And it's not just the jihadists that are being defeated – it's also those who opposed the President for political expediency. Continetti writes:

The left's analysis of jihadism has been proved incorrect at every turn. It argued military power would be ineffective against the terrorists. Wrong. It argued that intervention in Iraq would energize bin Laden's movement. That movement is in shambles. The left argued Iraq was a lost cause. It isn't. The left argues that a 'war on terrorism' is futile, that defeat is inevitable, because terrorism is a 'tactic,' not an enemy. Nonsense. President Bush has demonstrated through perseverance and (more often than not) sound policy that the war on terror can be won. And right now we're winning it."

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