Monday, June 09, 2008

The Pentagon Gets Ready For President Obama

What a disgusting thought. I bet he wants to use the money to pay terrorists to not attack us and to increase spending on crack heads in the projects. That will please both his base and our nations enemies.

The Obama is a messiah to the Left and a devil to the thinkers. I am not sure if I should fear him or pray for him.

Leadership: The Pentagon Gets Ready For President Obama: "U.S. military planners are working on how to deal with another round of major cutbacks, in terms of budgets and manpower. This is because one of the major candidates for Commander-in-Chief (president of the United States), Barak Obama, has a video in circulation, of a short speech he gave earlier this year, about how he planned on handling the Department of Defense. His major points were;"

Go read the rest and watch the video.

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