Saturday, June 14, 2008

World's Evilest Thugs Shocked as GOP Takes Hell Hot Spot

Comrade Durbin is a moron. Why is he allowed to spew hate speech like this when he should be in Cuba causing trouble? Or Belarus? Or someplace besides the US???

Groupthink :: View topic - World's Evilest Thugs Shocked as GOP Takes Hell Hot Spot: "(Dante's Inferno, 7th Level) - Senator Dick Durbin's (D-IL) comment 'The hottest ring in Hell is reserved for those in politics who attack their opponents' families' made to NBC's Norah O'Donnell has sent shockwaves to evil thugs around the world, who thought they were a shoe-in for the top hot spot in the eternal pit of damnation and hellfire. An assortment of Nazis, Communists, terrorists, and other violent and sadistic figures were found consoling each other shortly after Durbin's official announcement.

This is not the first Durbin's statement that has had international thugs peeved. In 2006 he also compared Nazis and Communists to the US troops, dashing the hopes of many in the US Armed Forces, who naively believed that liberating Iraq and pacifying the Middle East would put them in the top spot. And now he denied them even the hottest ring of Hell.

'I was really looking forward to the hottest ring of hell, which has got to be a lot cooler than Falujah,' said Pfc. Smith who is serving his third tour in Iraq. 'But since the place has been reserved for Obama's critics I guess I'll have to wait 'til Halliburton gets into the air conditioning business, or maybe I'll just borrow Joe Stalin's sweater.'
'I really thought we had the hottest spot locked up after star"

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