Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blockheads vs. the blockade

I see that Israel decided to ignore my advice about locking these fools up in Sderot, but they did the smart thing, which was to let the ship through since it was already cleared and certified by Cypriot authorities as being weapon free.

See what I miss when I go out of town for a few days over the weekend? Thanks for finding all this SoccerDad.

Soccer Dad: Blockheads vs. the blockade: "Never mind that Israel allows large quantities of goods into Gaza and the Palestinians themselves smuggle even more in via tunnels from Egypt. But a bunch of anti-Israel activists decided to make some PR and "run" Israel's naval blockade of Gaza.

Two wooden boats carrying dozens of human rights activists reached the Gaza Strip on Saturday afternoon after the Israeli navy decided not to hinder the challenge to Israel's blockade of the Palestinian enclave. Thousands of Palestinians turned out to welcome the group, which brought token humanitarian aid, including hearing aids and balloons.

The Post's headline proclaims that the boats "broke" the blockade, but Israel let them pass unhindered.

(In some of the early publicity - it wasn't news, it was unvarnished PR - it was noted that a Holocaust survivor was going to be on the boat. The Post's PR release doesn't mention her among the celebrities on the boat. Did she change her mind or was the Post just unaware of her presence.)

Meryl points out that since the ship of fools didn't meet any resistance they charged that Israel jammed their instruments to prevent them from reaching Gaza.

However Backspin points out that the activists may not have such an easy time leaving Gaza as they did arriving.

And despite the crowds cheering their arrival, left unreported by many organizations was

once it turned out these boats contain too little food and mostly activists...some people left the beach disappointed."

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