Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hizballah high-up falls to his death at rocket pad on Israeli border

The UN is almost aiding the terrorists in their efforts to fortify in direct violation of the UN Resolutions. Why are they just standing back and allowing this to happen?

Why are the Israeli politicians keeping their military on a short leash while the terrorists are openly preparing for war?

It is past time to bomb that area flat. It is almost a criminal act that neither the UN or local governments are willing to stop these acts of open aggression.

DEBKAfile - Hizballah high-up falls to his death at rocket pad on Israeli border: "The geography of the accident Tuesday, Aug. 26, belied the reiterated claims of Israeli ministers and UN officials that Hizballah’s rockets had been pushed back from the Lebanese-Israeli border, under the terms of the Resolution 1701 ceasefire which ended the 2006 Lebanon War.

Jamal Amin Salah, 51, a Hizballah operations executive, stood on the rooftop of a building at the Lebanese Yaroun village, less than half a kilometer from the Israeli border. He was discussing with his men how far inside Israeli territory the rockets installed at the launch pads in the village could reach, when he fell to his death.

DEBKAfile’s military sources confirm that, not only has Hizballah returned to its old positions on the Israeli border - contradicting statements by prime minister Ehud Olmert and defense minister Ehud Barak - but the Iran-backed Shiite terrorists are working feverishly on the construction of a new line of fortified military positions, including rocket-launching pads, right on top of the Israeli border fence.

Neither Israeli Defense Forces nor UN peacekeepers have interfered with this barefaced violation of international agreements."

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