Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Palestinian factions reject deploying Arab security forces in Gaza

The only way that the "Palestinians" will end the slaughter of women and children is if they run out of people to kill. The efforts of even their fellow Muslims does not matter if they are not allowed to kill and slaughter and maim.

Once again, I am forced to say that Gaza just needs to be razed and the "people" removed. They have been reduced to a subhuman, blood thirsty mass of animals. They are like wild boars that have developed a taste for human flesh - too dangerous to allow to exist. Can anyone think of a way to end the crisis besides killing all of one of the sides? Well, the one side will gladly live with the other if allowed, but we need to to find a way to get to that point.

The Nazis trained the original "Palestinian Resistance" very well.

Palestinian factions reject deploying Arab security forces in Gaza - People's Daily Online: "The proposal to redeploy Arab security forces in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip has been widely rejected by most of the Palestinian factions, which was even compared to a new occupation of Gaza similar to the one Israel ended in September 2005.

Leaders of the Palestinian factions, mainly Hamas and Islamic Jihad (Holy War) strongly rejected the proposal which was welcomed by the leadership of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.

The leaders of the factions said that the mission of the Arab security forces, if they are deployed in Gaza 'will be protecting the Israeli occupation and ending the Palestinian armed resistance against Israel.'

Palestinian Authority leaders had earlier announced that they have officially discussed the idea with the Egyptian leaders and other Arab countries to deploy Arab security forces in the Gaza Strip, which has been ruled by Hamas movement since mid June last year.

They said that the role of the Arab security forces is to rebuild the Palestinian security apparatuses and restore order and discipline in the Gaza Strip, which had witnessed violent fighting between rival Fatah and Hamas movement."

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