Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Classes Start in Texas School District Where Teachers Can Carry Guns

THe people who dislike this plan are afraid that the teachers are the ones who are going to go crazy and start shooting up the classrooms? Or they just hate guns and put their kids in private schools behind armed guards so that the peasants can't be seen.

This school district has gone to extremes to ensure the safety of its students. I am even willing to bet that none of the teachers are carrying a weapon because the standard is so high for being able to carry one. Not that the gun haters care. The only people who are allowed to carry guns on campus, in their twisted world, are highly visible so that snipers can see them, or criminal - because only criminals should have guns. Or something like that.

I am willing to bet that the local kids will be more than happy NOT to test the system by shooting wildly in class. Wait! These are teenagers and are, by definition, stupid enough to test the system. I hope that the kid who does dies a quick and painful death. A lonely death.

FOXNews.com - Classes Start in Texas School District Where Teachers Can Carry Guns - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News: "Thweatt said the board took extra precautions, such as requiring employees to use bullets that will minimize the risk of ricochet, similar to those used by air marshals on planes.

'I can lead them from a fire, tornado and toxic spill; we have plans in place for that. I cannot lead them from an active shooter,' Thweatt said. 'There are people who are going to think this is extreme, but it's easy to defend.'

Judy Priz, who has a third-grade daughter, said that 'everyone I've talked to thinks it's great.' She said she trusts the teachers with her child's life.

'Look how long it takes the police or anybody else to get here,' she told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for a story in its Monday online edition. 'If someone wants to come here and harm someone, at least we would have sort of defense.'

Gov. Rick Perry has said he supports the policy because 'there's a lot of incidents where that would have saved a number of lives.'

The Brady Center has spoken out against the plan, saying it may not comply with Texas law, which bans firearms at schools unless carriers have given written permission. If the school board authorizes an employee to carry a gun, then that person must be a peace offi"

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