Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Senior Special Groups leader captured at Baghdad airport

It worries me that the terrorists feel secure enough to be flying around in major airports while everyone is searching for them. At least he was picked up without a fight. Good to know that he was not able to get weapons into the flight.

Senior Special Groups leader captured at Baghdad airport - The Long War Journal: "The US military detained a senior Special Groups leader as he flew into Baghdad International Airport this morning. He was detained without incident after the US military received intelligence he was arriving in Baghdad via air.

The leader, who was not named, is described as being 'part of the most senior social and operational circles of Special Groups' by Multinational Forces-Iraq. 'The man has been known to travel in and out of Iraq to neighboring nations including Iran and Lebanon, where it is believed he meets and helps run the Iranian-backed Special Groups in Iraq,' Multinational Forces-Iraq reported in a press release.

The leader is said to be behind the deadly bombing at the Sadr City District Advisory Council meeting on June 24 that killed two US soldiers, two members of the US State Department, and six Iraqis. The meeting took place after the Mahdi Army called for a cease-fire and allowed Iraqi troops to enter the northeastern Baghdad neighborhood."

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