Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Information Warfare: The Spawn of Storm Rides Again

Information Warfare: The Spawn of Storm Rides Again: "Are you one of those people who are getting several emails a day with 'Journalists shot in Georgia' in the subject line, and with a file attachment? If so, don't open that that zip file, because you are being probed by the Spawn of Storm. That's as in the Storm computer virus, zombie computers and botherders.

We covered the Storm virus (the first one to use this kind of news hook) last year with There are several recent variants, like email alerts the appear to come from MSNBC or BBC, many recent ones including a link to some Georgia or Olympics related item. The original Storm virus was so named because the news hook was unusually harsh Winter storms in Europe.

Despite all the publicity Storm got, and efforts to shut it down, the criminal gangs that seek to grab control of your PC found that the Storm formula continued to work if you just changed the news item. And so it came to pass that the spawn of Storm mutated and continues to infect more PCs (usually with a trojan horse program, that is used for things like DDOS attacks to shut down web sites in Georgia.)"

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