Thursday, April 12, 2007

Attack in Villages on Chad’s Border With Sudan Kills 400

This report only talks about the militiamen without mentioning their religion. Good thing I knew that the janjaweeds and that they kill for Allah! Of course, this is from the NYT which will print anything that hurts President Bush unedited while spinning anything that might make the Religion of Peace look violent.

Attack in Villages on Chad’s Border With Sudan Kills 400, Report Says - New York Times: "The United Nations refugee agency said Tuesday that militiamen had killed up to 400 people in the volatile eastern border region near Sudan, leaving an “apocalyptic” scene of mass graves and destruction.

The attacks, by militiamen known as the janjaweed, took place March 31 in the border villages of Tiero and Marena, some 550 miles from this capital. Chadian officials initially said 65 people had died, but added that the toll was sure to rise.

“Estimates of the number of dead have increased substantially, and now range between 200 and 400,” a report by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said. The report added that many of the dead were buried in common graves. “We may never know their exact number,” it said.

The attackers encircled the villages and opened fire, pursuing fleeing villagers, robbing women and shooting the men, the agency said. Many who survived the attack died from exhaustion and dehydration."

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