Monday, April 09, 2007

Grave No. 9

This is sick. I have read about this family before. These 'men' that dominate their family need to be kneecapped and then buried alive. Only fair to the many women they have murdered and beaten. Poor women.

Grave No. 9 - Haaretz - Israel News: "One day in mid-January, Hamda Abu-Ghanem, 19, was found lying in her bed in her home in Ramle, her body riddled with bullets. She was the eighth woman in her family to be killed in the past six years, and this time the other women in the family decided to break their silence. One after the other, they came to the police station, in order to read to the investigators the writing on the wall. Most of them couldn't say for certain just who had killed Hamda, but unlike previous times, when they'd kept quiet, this time they told the detectives what it was like to live with the fear that they would be next in line, a fear that had stalked Hamda as well.

'The revolt of the Abu-Ghanem women,' the investigators called it. Finally, after years of investigations that never led anywhere, they'd be able to convict the guilty parties - or so they thought. They built the case primarily around the testimony of one witness, Y., a relative who saw Hamda's brother fleeing the scene of the crime and who had agreed to testify about it, though not without great hesitation. At the end of February, a month and a half after giving her testimony - and after telling police 'I'm next in line' - she disappeared."

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