Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jordan Michael Smith - Quebec right on Muslims

Wow! I never expected the Canadians to be understanding the threats to the Canadian culture. Now if we could just teach more of the Leftist politicians this Truth.

ottawasun.com - Jordan Michael Smith - Quebec right on Muslims: "What's on your wish list?

While nobody was watching, Quebec quietly became the most self-confident province in the country. A series of events over the past few years have shown Quebec to be proud of its liberalism, proud of Western civilization and proud of itself.

The latest involves the Quebec government giving a Muslim woman who wants to be a prison guard a choice: She could either remove her hijab or she could train to be a prison guard. But she could not do both. The woman chose the hjiab.

Predictably, Muslim advocacy groups have been crying racism. “It is an ultimatum, remove the hijab or you’re out of here,” said the head of the Muslim Council of Britain. “That’s not a security issue, this is much more a bigoted issue.”

The government stuck to its guns.

“As a security measure, the hijab cannot be accepted as an element of the uniform to execute the functions of a correctional officer,” a department spokesman said.

The Muslim Council called for compromise — something that covers the hair and neck that isn’t a hijab — but the government refused.

This may seem unnecessarily rigid on the part of the government, but this is not an isolated issue. All across the Western world,"

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