Friday, April 13, 2007

Iraqi group 'splits' from al-Qaeda

Interesting way to see the US Congress! Of course, they also have an interesting way of viewing themselves. Read the full article to see why the group has also broken ties with Al-Qaeda.

Iraqi group 'splits' from al-Qaeda | Iraq Updates: "Al-Shammari said they would be willing to deal with the Americans if certain conditions are met.

'We, the Islamic Army in Iraq, are ready to negotiate, but only with the US congress.

'They are the representatives of the American people, and the Iraqi resistance represents the Iraqi people. We are ready to establish a dialogue with them, not with the arrogant US administration.'

Al-Shammari said no talks have taken place so far with US officials and that Washington must recognise Iraqi armed groups as the only genuine representatives of the Iraqi people before such a meeting can be considered.

Main danger

Al-Shammari said that his group didn't consider US forces to be the main danger in Iraq.

'There are two occupations: Iranian and American, and the Iranian one is more dangerous than American because Iran considers Iraq as a part of their country.'"

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