Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Intelligence: Lawyers Are Not Your Friends

The continuing Lawfare waged by the Left against the US in support of the Global Jihad is starting to finally hit some bumps. Maybe it will be slowed down to the point that the US can win. Not if the Left can help it, but maybe.

Intelligence: Lawyers Are Not Your Friends: "How important is this intelligence edge? One could probably gauge its importance in many areas, including the number of successful attacks by al-Qaeda since the United States adopted its post-9/11 approach. Some planned attacks have been thwarted, including a plan to hijack airliners and crash them into British targets, a plan to attack Marines in Djibouti, and the American consulate in Karachi, Pakistan. Another metric is in the number of terrorist cells rounded up. Those successes aside, several leaders in Congress, like Senator Patrick Leahy, have announced their intention to restore detainees' access to the courts, despite the knowledge that American rules of discovery have aided al-Qaeda's counter-intelligence efforts.

The intelligence battle is one that is never talked about much. That's generally how intelligence professionals prefer it. That said, this fight is likely to be public, with a number of politicians and pundits talking about civil liberties. The oft-ignored subtext will be about whether or not valuable methods of gathering intelligence, and the sources of that intelligence, will be compromised just so some people can feel that terrorists had a fair trial, never considering that they may have made it more likely a future attack will succeed."

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