Monday, April 09, 2007

Mufti urges Muslims to 'get in trenches' with Iran

This guy is an embarassment to Australians and the West. He should just stay in Iran. Or get buried for returning. What a traitor to Western values.

Since one Australian has already admitted to joining the Global Jihad and been convicted at Gitmo, I wonder how many more will turn up now that the Iranian front is heating up so hot? Luckily, the Australians do not tolerate stupidity like this much more than conservative Americans and so the damage might be minimal. I hope.

Mufti urges Muslims to 'get in trenches' with Iran | "AUSTRALIA'S most senior Islamic cleric, Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilali, called on the Muslim world to unite behind the radical Iranian regime and to serve in its 'trenches' in comments published during a visit to Tehran last weekend.

As Iran was involved in a standoff with Western powers over the detention of 15 British naval personnel seized after they were accused of trespassing in its waters last month, the Iranian media were using Sheik Hilali's quotes in a propaganda drive.

The controversial Australian mufti was quoted as saying that the global Islamic nation would never 'kneel' to its enemies."

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