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Over 8000 attacks in the name of Allah since 9/11

Over 8000 attacks in the name of Allah since 9/11. Thanks to The Religion of Peace

Total number of attacks since 9/11: 8020

Weekly Jihad Report (3/31 - 4/06)
Jihad Attacks: 62
Dead Bodies: 438
Critically Injured: 405

Monthly Jihad Report (March, 2007)
Jihad Attacks: 288
Dead Bodies: 1974
Critically Injured: 2823

Last weeks terror totals
Date Country City Killed Injured Description
4/12/07 Pakistan Chardiwar 5 6 Sunni gunmen raid a Shia village, killing five civilians.
4/12/07 Philippines Indanan 2 10 Abu Sayyaf gunmen kill two Filipino soldiers.
4/12/07 Iraq Baghdad 19 9 Sectarian violence claims the lives of nearly twenty people around the capital.
4/12/07 Iraq Kirkuk 6 19 Holy warriors bomb a minibus, killing six passengers.
4/12/07 Iraq Baghdad 10 30 Jihadis bomb a bridge, killing ten Iraqi commuters.
4/12/07 Iraq Baghdad 8 23 A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates in a parliament building, killing eight fellow Iraqis.
4/12/07 Somalia Mogadishu 2 0 Two civilians are killed from stray bullets as Islamic militias ambush government troops.
4/12/07 Pakistan Miranshah 1 3 One civilian is killed when militants fire a rocket into a house.
4/11/07 Thailand Yala 2 0 A 19-year-old Buddhist man and his mother are gunned down by radical Muslims.
4/11/07 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 26-year-old Buddhist woman is burned alive by the Religion of Peace.
4/11/07 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 9 Nine civilians are wounded by a suicide bomber. Two Canadians are killed in a separate bombing.
4/11/07 Algeria Algiers 24 222 Two dozen people are killed by Islamic fundamentalists in three separate suicide bombings.
4/11/07 Pakistan Sadda 27 30 Sectarian clashes between Sunni and Shia leave at least twenty-seven dead.
4/11/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 50-year-old man is murdered by Muslim gunmen.
4/11/07 Pakistan Kurram 3 11 Separate missile attacks on three villages by Islamic radicals kill at least three civilians.
4/11/07 Bangladesh Jhalakathi 1 0 Jama'atul Mujahideen is suspected to be behind the assassination of a prosecutor.
4/11/07 Somalia Mogadishu 3 0 Three people riding a minibus are shot full of holes in an attack by Islamic gunmen.
4/11/07 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A woman journalist and her husband are kidnapped and brutally murdered. Their bodies are set on fire.
4/11/07 Iraq Baghdad 34 8 A teacher is among thirty-four people murderd by Islamic terrorists in at least five attacks around the country.
4/10/07 India Srinagar 1 10 A shopkeeper is killed when Mujahideen terrorists toss a grenade into his store.
4/10/07 Iraq Muqdadiyah 21 33 A woman with explosives hidden beneath her abaya wades into a crowd of police recruits and slaughters sixteen. A second bombing kills five more.
4/10/07 Iraq Baghdad 6 11 Six people are murdered when Sunni radicals set off a bomb near a university.
4/10/07 Iraq Baghdad 1 17 One 6-year-old boy is killed and seventeen other children and teachers injured when Jihadis send a rocket into a basketball court.
4/10/07 Iraq Hilla 2 4 Islamic terrorists plant a bomb in a home, netting six casualties from the same family.
4/10/07 Iraq Fallujah 10 1 Five victims of sectarian violence are found here, and five others elsewhere.
4/10/07 Morocco Casablanca 1 1 A police officer is killed by a suicide bomber.
4/10/07 Pakistan Balishtkhel 3 0 Fighting between Sunnis and shi leaves three people dead.
4/10/07 Pakistan Ibrahimzai 1 0 A man is killed in fighting between sectarian factions.
4/10/07 Pakistan Shingak 1 0 Sectarian violence within the Religion of Peace claims another life.
4/10/07 Pakistan Pir Qayyum 3 0 Three people lose their lives in sectarian violence.
4/9/07 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 55-year-old truck driver's body is ripped in half by a Muslim bomb.
4/9/07 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 34-year-old Buddhist man is killed in a drive-by shooting by Islamic radicals.
4/9/07 Thailand Yala 1 0 A Buddhist ice cream vendor is gunned down by Muslim terrorists.
4/9/07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslims gun down a Buddhist civilian in a drive-by.
4/9/07 Iraq Baghdad 17 The bodies of seventeen victims of sectarian violence within the Religion of Peace are found.
4/9/07 Afghanistan Khakraiz 1 0 A civilian is killed in a Taliban attack.
4/9/07 Afghanistan Zabul 4 19 Religious extremists ambush a military convoy, killing four Afghan soldiers.
4/8/07 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 The Taliban beheads a kidnapped Afghan journalist.
4/8/07 Afghanistan Kandahar 6 0 Six Canadians are killed by Taliban extremists in a roadside blast.
4/8/07 Pakistan Chardiwar 2 0 Two Shias are gunned down by Sunni terrorists.
4/8/07 Thailand Yala 1 0 A rubber plantation worker is shot to death by Islamists.
4/8/07 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamic radicals shoot and kill a civilian outside his home.
4/8/07 Pakistan Wana 2 0 A tribal leader and his deputy are shot to death by al-Qaeda backed militants.
4/8/07 Pakistan Pewer 4 0 Four Shias are shot to death by radical Sunnis.
4/8/07 Iraq Baghdad 24 21 A suicide car bomber is one of several Jihad attacks that leave two-dozen Iraqis dead.
4/8/07 Pakistan Mallikhel 2 0 Sunnis murder two Shias in a sectarian attack.
4/8/07 Pakistan Karman 1 0 A Shia civilian is shot to death by Sunnis.
4/8/07 Pakistan Boshera 5 0 Three women and two children are killed in sectarian violence.
4/8/07 Pakistan Sadda 2 0 Two Sunnis are killed by radical Shia gunmen.
4/8/07 Iraq Mahmoudiyah 18 23 Freedom fighters bomb a hospital, killing eighteen Iraqis.
4/7/07 Iraq Baqubah 27 2 Twenty-seven victims of sectarian violence within the Religion of Peace are found around the city.
4/7/07 Iraq Baghdad 15 5 Shootings and bombings leave at least fifteen dead.
4/7/07 Algeria Zaccar Forest 9 7 Nine Algerian soldiers are ambushed and killed by Islamic fundamentalists.
4/7/07 Afghanistan Farah 7 4 The Taliban murder seven Afghans trying to clear land mines.
4/7/07 Philippines Parang 10 2 Ten people, including a civilian, are killed in an ambush by suspected Abu Sayyaf terrorists.
4/7/07 India Baramulla 1 0 A civilian is abducted and murdered by the Mujahideen.
4/7/07 Pakistan Parachinar 10 83 Sunni gunmen open up on a crowd of Shias leaving a mosque. Ten people are killed in the ensuing firefight.
4/6/07 Afghanistan Kabul 6 4 A suicide bomber takes out five civilians and the police officer who tried to stop him.
4/6/07 Iraq Tal Afar 19 5 A child is among nineteen people found dead here and in the capital following sectarian terror attacks.
4/6/07 Iraq Ramadi 25 30 Freedom fighters use a chlorine truck bomb to kill twenty-five Iraqis, mostly civilians.
4/6/07 Yemen Amran 0 30 Radicals rampage through a rival mosque, spraying gasoline and setting people on fire.
4/6/07 Saudi Arabia Medina 1 2 A police officer is killed in an attack by an al-Qaeda suspect.

Congratulations to the jihadi murderers!

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