Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Evidence of the Criminal-Terrorist Nexus

This is a key report about how the terrorists are having to shift to drugs for funding. Tell all your stoner buddies that they are helping to fund the terrorists!

Counterterrorism Blog: More Evidence of the Criminal-Terrorist Nexus: "Those who are skeptical of the growing ties between drug trafficking organizations and terrorist groups-which I think will be the real war we will be fighting for many years, given the resources obtainable by drug trafficking organizations-should read the latest UN Office of Drugs and Crime report.

Among the many interesting findings is that the two areas of greatest increase in illicit production of drugs in the world are in the hands of designated terrorist groups: the Taliban in Afghanistan and the FARC in Colombia.

A third party involved in the expansion of drug production is Burma, a rogue criminal state. This bodes ill for the rest of the world."

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