Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Intelligence: Congress Blinds The FBI

This is a small part of the full analysis of what the US Congress is doing to aid the terrorists to invade America and kill Americans. What heroes.

Intelligence: Congress Blinds The FBI: "These predictive models get better as the quality of the information going into them improves. As more terrorists are captured and interrogated, and their computers and data is translated, the predictions become more accurate.

Using more primitive computers, Germany employed data mining successfully in the 1970s, to find leftist, middle class terrorists who were operating with assistance from the East German secret police. The terrorists thought they were well concealed, but data mining can do wonders with the slightest pieces of information.

The FBI has been unable to make this point to Congress, mainly because some key legislators are ideologically opposed to data mining, and refuse to acknowledge the widespread success of the technique in civilians and military sectors."

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