Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A warped reaction

Ms Phillips consistently leave me cheering. I have been trying to figure out how to report on this incident myself during a busy day and she has me beat. As usual.

I will post other links after her story, just because this is too twisted.

The Spectator: "In Jerusalem today an attack claimed three lives and injured at least 45 people after an Arab in a bulldozer deliberately upended a bus and mowed down several cars in an attempt to kill as many people as he could.

But for the Guardian and the BBC, the most important fact to note was that the bulldozer driver was then shot dead. The Guardian headlined its report

Man shot dead after Jerusalem bulldozer rampage

while the BBC, whose website report is currently headlined

Deadly Jerusalem bulldozer attack

initially ran the headline

Israel bulldozer driver shot dead.

This was captured by Honest Reporting which commented:

...this example offers further evidence of the BBC's mindset - the initial instinct to portray Israel as an aggressor and a Palestinian as a victim even if that Palestinian was actively involved in a terrorist attack against innocent civilians...The BBC's very own correspondent Tim Franks even witnessed much of the incident from his office window. The BBC can have no excuse for not having the basic facts of the story in front of them from the very beginning.

True, the BBC did quickly change its headline; but even so, the warped reflex reaction is a dead giveaway. No surprise, but sickening nonetheless."

Other Links: (This link is the best of the articles.)

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