Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Gurkha ruling is shameful

The Brits refuse to pay honorable pensions to their faithful soldiers, yet they are paying millions to support the families of known terrorists that live on the dole? What a crock! I love England, but I am getting the urge to piss in their tea.

Fire the 'Justice' who is refusing justice. Save England.

The Gurkha ruling is shameful | Coffee House: "The Gurkha ruling is shameful
Peter Hoskin 5:02pm

Over the past few weeks, three Gurkha veterans have been challenging the Government's imbalanced pension plan for Gurkhas - by which those who signed up for the army before July 1997, and retired after that date, are valued at between only 24 and 36 percent of British rates. Today, the High Court turned their challenge down.

It's a shameful ruling. After all, these three veterans - and the group they represent - were just as prepared to sacrifice their lives for our country as any other soldier. By that alone, they have done more for the UK than most people ever will. And that's before we get onto the Gurkha's proud 200-year history, or the 13 Victoria crosses they've accrued in that time.

In turn, the UK should reward them accordingly. And that means not turning down their pension requests with the cry that they'll be 'unaffordable' for the public finances. Given that Gurkha's pensions currently cost around £40 million a year, we're talking peanuts by state standards. Especially when this Government's wasted £2 billion because of tax credit ‘incompetence’, £20 billion on a dodgy computer system, £300 million on a police radio network etc. etc.

The three ex-Gurkha soldiers will appeal against the Court's decision. I, for one, hope that delivers the result they want. The right result."

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