Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Showing Solidarity with Obama

When I think about Obama becoming President, I get physically sick with worry. Frank J seems to have a piece on the O'Zombies that, while written tongue in cheek, seems to have a LOT of truth to it. Frank J is good at doing that! Thanks Frank.

IMAO: Showing Solidarity with Obama: "Obama supporters are starting to get Ronulan weird: Some of them are legally changing their middle names to Hussein to show solidarity with Changey McHoperson. If his cultish supporters want to show solidarity where they think Obama may be attacked, here are a few other suggestions:


* When important family matters needs your decision, vote "present."

* If you're ever caught in a lie, blame those most devoted to you for the error.

* Never do anything significant and demand a huge promotion at work.

* Whenever anything goes wrong, immediately throw one of your friends or family members under the minivan.

* Look down on others despite being a completely worthless person yourself.

* Hang out with racists and other scumbags until challenged on it and then claim ignorance of the controversy.

* Send your friends to attack the military service of opponents.

* Insult people with real principles behind their backs.

* Change your positions daily to what seems most popular at the time. Back this up by generally making mealy-mouthed, non-statements about important issues.

* Marry someone angry and bitter who takes all of her blessing for granted.

* Talk in general bromides, and never back it up with any actions.

* Hint to your dislike of the country, but get really bitchy if it's brought up.

* Just generally be a sniveling coward."

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