Wednesday, July 02, 2008

NIMS/ICS Resource DVD: On the Street at

I have taught this subject many times in the last few years and laugh at the people who try to learn it without a teacher to help explain and to provide examples. I have not seen this version of the training videos before, but I might get a copy soon to see how it compares to the FEMA ones.

I thank Mr Borelli for this article.

NIMS/ICS Resource DVD: On the Street at "For decades now the fire service has been managing large fire grounds through use of the Incident Management System. Within the past few years - since the attacks of nine eleven - it's been realized that such management can be applied to all serious disaster scenes. But, truth be told, the fire services, who have the most experience, simply don't have time to stop and train everyone else in public safety in how to use and work under the system. Enter the NICS/ICS Pro Edition training DVD. Distributed by Advanced Safety Products, Inc (+ASP), the training DVD provides basic training in how to use the NIMS system but also provides testimonials from those scene commanders who have used it in real disasters.

Now, with as much time as I spend sitting in front of a computer, I'm not usually one who looks forward to doing it more for training. That said, the NIMS/ICS disk is a DVD and wasn't specifically designed to be 'stand alone' training. Indeed the published material that came with it specifically states:

The DVD may be utilized in a standalone format (ICS 100 & 200) in conjunction with the free FEMA online testing programs, although this is not recommended, as it is a less effective method of teaching students."

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