Saturday, July 05, 2008

CDC Still Searching for Source of Salmonella

Since multiple Media/Leftist sources have called for the President to be impeached because some tomatoes might be contaminated, will they now apologize? I am not going to hold my breath! Leftists only apologize for things they have no control over, like the slavery that some people practiced a few hundred years ago. And the many millennium before. Name a ancient society that did not have some form, if you can.

Fine all the Media that get blatantly involved in politics. Just a thousand dollars for inserting biased comments into a news story. Make them return to honest reporting. The Leftist Fairness Doctrine is to silence Right-wing voices, when a fine for blatant bias would silence Leftist voices. Anyone deny this? Which Right-Wing voice in the Media would be silenced? Limbaugh? No, he is a pundit, not a news personality. Just as the pundits on Comedy Central would be safe, as long as they do not try to claim to report the news and admit that they are just commenting on the news. It is a fine line for some, but a huge step for others.

CDC Still Searching for Source of Salmonella: "... the Centers for Disease Control had the produce [tomatoes] pulled from store shelves and off menus.

But, as testing continued certain types of tomatoes passed safety tests and went back on the shelves.

However, Salmonella cases continued popping up and over the past week the CDC admitted there may be 'something else' behind the outbreak.

'Everything we have done and all of our conversations with people who have gotten ill and people who haven't gotten ill, probably 80-percent have eaten tomatoes so that's where the focus has been,' said Emily Palmer, of the Dept. of State Health Service.

The CDC hasn't said what else may be linked, but it's looking at other produce.

So far, the health department has approved grape, cherry and tomatoes on the vine ..."

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