Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Poland Won’t Sign European Treaty

It looks as if the Socialists and other Lefties in Europe are not as strong as they once were. Hurrah!

While I admire the efforts to make Europe into one unified block, the way that the Socialists have conceived is outrageous. Thank the Lord for the bravery of the Irish voters.

Poland Won’t Sign European Treaty - NYTimes.com: "As France assumed the rotating presidency of the European Union on Tuesday, the bloc’s wounded plans for reform took another hit , this time from Poland whose president said he would not sign the Lisbon Treaty that was intended to revitalize the EU’s institutions.

The treaty’s future was thrown into doubt last month when Irish voters rejected it in a referendum. Under the EU’s laws, the treaty, which was designed to modernize the institutions of the 27-nation bloc, required unanimous backing among its member states to be adopted. Ireland was the only country whose own constitution stipulated a referendum. The pact , has been approved by 19 national parliaments, including Poland’s.

In Warsaw, however, the signature of President Lech Kaczynski is required as the last step ratification. In a newspaper interview published Tuesday, Mr. Kaczynski said it would “pointless” to sign the Lisbon Treaty in light of the Irish rejection.

Mr. Kaczynski’s move highlighted the continuing struggle between his Law and Justice Party and Prime Minister Donald tusk’s center-right Civic Platform which was swept into power last year.

Mr. Tusk has been seeking to modify the strong Euroskeptic position forged by the Law and Justice Party when it was in government.

Poland’s decision was seen as a blow not only for the European Union but for President Nicolas Sarkozy as France took over the presidency.

In Germany, the treaty is also facing unexpected problems over ratification. President Horst Köhler has said he cannot sign the pact into law because two legislators have asked the Constitutional Court to decide whether it is unconstitutional."

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