Monday, July 28, 2008

$40Mln Wasted On Empty Iraq Prison

Most construction sites have tons of waste and fraud. This is a construction effort in a combat zone where the locals were stealing the materials for their damaged homes and the contractors needed to put guards on his materials from the workers. Not a pretty sight.

I guess the solution is to not try to help the locals? We should just import "hard-working" Mexicans to finish all these projects since the locals are not very reliable?

We have to spend money to fix things and make friends. I hate to say that I understand, but I do. Too bad that the Liberals who are so tolerant of most crime, can't stand to see it when it is done under the close watch of a Moderate Republican.

The St. Petersburg Times - World - $40Mln Wasted On Empty Iraq Prison: "In the flatlands north of Baghdad sits a prison with no prisoners. It holds something else: a chronicle of U.S. government waste, misguided planning and construction shortcuts costing $40 million and stretching back to the American overseers who replaced Saddam Hussein.

“It’s a bit of a monument in the desert right now because it’s not going to be used as a prison,” said Stuart Bowen, the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, whose office was due to release a report on Monday detailing the litany of problems at the vacant detention center in Khan Bani Saad.

The pages also add another narrative to the wider probes into the billions lost so far on scrubbed or substandard projects in Iraq and one of the main contractors accused of failing to deliver, the Parsons construction group of Pasadena, California."

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