Sunday, July 27, 2008

Does Obama share your views on the major issues? 20 questions

Power Line Forum | Does Obama share your views on the major issues? 20 questions: "A recent poll by Pew Research reported that 55% of those people who were supporting Obama claimed what they liked most about him was his “stand on the issues.” Really? Taking this short quiz may help you double-check.

Indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. ILLEGAL immigrants should be given drivers licenses.

2. If following an attempt at an abortion, the baby is born alive, we should kill him or her.

3. Our new president should immediately hold a conference for the leaders of all Muslim nations so we can listen to their concerns.

4. A “Marriage” can be between a man and woman, or a man and man, or a woman and woman.

5. If America wants to be respected in the world, we can’t drive our SUVs, and eat as much as we want.

6. After September 11, I immediately thought it was important to understand what causes such madness.

7. People in small towns in Pennsylvania and the Mid-West are bitter, which explains why they cling to guns and religion.

8. Even though doubling capital gains tax will result in less revenue for the government we should do it anyway. It’s about fairness...some people make too much money.

9. A church whose magazine publishes a claim in June 2007 that Jews invented a bomb which only targets Africans and Arabs is actually not that controversial.

10. We cannot continue to rely on the US military to achieve homeland security. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as WELL-FUNDED.

11. We should commit the US to cutting global poverty in half by 2015 at an estimated cost to US taxpayers of around $800 billion.

12. It’s unreasonable to expect a nominee for President to vet the people he/she asks to conduct a search for a Vice President.

13. We should slow down our development of future combat systems for the US Military.

14. It’s OK to make a fundamental promise to use public finance during the general election in order to win a Primary, and then to break the promise at the start of the general election because its all about winning.

15. It’s OK for a candidate for president not to pay parking tickets for 20 years, as long as he/she pays them off at least two weeks before announcing a run for president.

16. We should never criticize the words spoken by a candidate’s spouse, even if that spouse is actively giving speeches promoting the candidate, talking about policy and other political issues.

17. A church whose Senior Pastor condemns the US government for creating HIV to kill African- Americans, is actually not that controversial.

18. For a Presidential candidate’s National Campaign Chairperson to compare a Primary between an African-American male and a Blond White Woman, to OJ Simpson murdering Nicole is OK.

19. Child sex-abusers should be considered for early release.

20. Iran is not a threat..., it spends less than one hundredth of what the US spends on Military.

The more statements you agree with the more likely your views are in line with the positions held by Senator Obama.

All 20 questions reflect statements made/positions held by Senator Obama… click on the links if you want to check on the actual wording and context. "

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