Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Israel: Deal With The Devil

Is the fighting with Hamas forcing Fatah to move to a more moderate position to survive? What an interesting concept.

I love that it could be happening! I never would have predicted that Iranian pressure to kill the Jews might lead to Peace in the Middle East. Divide and conquer?

Israel: Deal With The Devil: "The growing war between Hamas and Fatah has presented Fatah with the option to turn on terrorist groups, and form an alliance with Israel. This is seen as the only solution to the dozens of West Bank Israeli checkpoints that slow traffic to a crawl, but are considered essential in limiting the movement of Palestinian terrorists. Fatah, however, has been spouting 'hate Israel' propaganda for decades, and turning kind and gentle would split the organization. But Fatah is being forced to ally itself with Israel, because Hamas operatives in the West Bank are apparently under orders to destroy Fatah there any way they can, and take control. This involves the use of Islamic radical death squads, that murder Moslems for not being Moslem enough, and Arab Christians for not being Moslem. Thus Fatah is fighting for its life, and making common cause with Israel whether it likes it or not."

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