Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mustard Gas Leak Confirmed in Kentucky

Things happen. Even in the best situations, things still go wrong. At least this is only a trace leak and not something serious! I will be happy when the last of these antiques are destroyed and no longer a threat to the locals who are guarding them.

FOXNews.com - Mustard Gas Leak Confirmed in Kentucky - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News: "Richard Sloan, public affairs officer for the chemical storage site at Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond, said trace amounts of mustard gas vapor were detected during a routine inspection of a storage area this week. Army workers won't know whether there is also a liquid leak until a closer inspection inside the igloo.

Because the igloo is full of artillery weapons containing mustard agent, the biggest chore in cleanup efforts is to pinpoint which one is leaking, he said.

'If they could walk in there and find a puddle, that would be wonderful, but that's probably not going to happen,' Sloan said. 'What they're probably going to do is find several thousand projectiles and no way of telling which one of those had let a little vapor through.'

Another concern is the summer heat, which could raise the temperature inside the opened igloo and heighten the chances of additional leaks. Once the leak or leaks are identified, the 155-millimeter projectiles that are affected will be stored in packed containers to limit the risk of future leakage."

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