Thursday, July 31, 2008

'All Swedes are gay'

If we want to prosecute 'hate crimes' then all these terrorist attacks need to be considered as such. 'Honor killings' need to be treated as such, also. Nazis and the KKK related groups all learned not to attack people, when will the Muslims?

Islam in Europe: Stockholm: 'All Swedes are gay': "During the knife assault the Arabs said to the victims among other things that 'all Swedes are gay', whereas they stabbed one of them with a knife, completely unprovoked.

In the newspaper it was described as a 'hate crime' just because the victim was a homosexual, but if it had been heterosexual Swedes it would certainly not have been called a hate crime, despite the fact that it meets the complete definition of it, that is that the perpetrator expresses hate during the attack or that the underlying reason for the attack is based on the victim's ethnicity. No, since our dear politicians have seen fit to put in an exception in the law about 'hate crimes', namely that it doesn't count if the victims are Swedish, even if they are attacked for their ethnicity."

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