Thursday, July 31, 2008

Death By Cell Phone

I love stories like this that show how the Muslim lack of faith in modern tools. Yes, phones and weapons are tools. If the Muslims would only get an education on things other than Islam they might start to be able to fight this War they start and win. Praise Allah for keeping his people ignorant!

Electronic Weapons: Death By Cell Phone: "Islamic terrorists operating in Indian Kashmir got sloppy with their cell phone use, and destroyed a valuable support network that included some local Moslem politicians. Counter-terrorism forces monitored cell phone traffic, and some conversations in Kashmir revealed a terrorist network that included some local Moslem politicians. The terrorists had developed security procedures for using their cell phones, but Indian intelligence eventually identified who was using the phones and for what. Improved Indian cell phone monitoring methods were suspected by the terrorists, but they became obvious when some local politicians were implicated in providing cell phones, and other assistance, to the terrorists."

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