Thursday, July 31, 2008

Afghanistan: The Real Enemy Stays In The Shadows

Reading this story just makes me want to carpet bomb the poppy fields and get the War for Afghanistan over with. Sure, the West might "lose" if they cut off the drug money that the Afghanis live off of, but if we then air drop in new cash crops then we can win in the long run. Buy Afghani products! Except poppys...

Afghanistan: The Real Enemy Stays In The Shadows: "The Afghan media is bribed to play up real or imagined stories of foreign troops killing Afghan civilians. Afghan troops and police kill far more civilians, but that's not news, because that's been going on forever. The important things is that the Taliban and drug gangs will pay journalists for 'foreigner kills Afghans' stories, with a bonus if the Western press picks it up (and they do grab some of the better done fabrications)."

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