Monday, July 28, 2008

Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board

It is wonderful to see something like this to start culling some of the so-ca;;ed experts. I wonder if I should take their application? It is kind of pricey! One of the best ways to keep out the wanna-bes is a high price tag. Good!

If we get the word out about this, then we will see some of the experts vanish because they can't get certified.

BORELLI CONSULTING: Recreational Equipment Reviews: "Prior to the events of 9/11 you’d have been hard pressed to find an anti- or counter-terrorist “specialist”. If you did you were most likely talking to someone serving in a special unit of the military. AFTER 9/11 anti-terrorism “specialists” seem to come out of the woodwork and included everyone from those who worked behind guns to those who collected into, or analyzed it, or quantified it, or consulted on it… Well, you get the picture. Someone needed to set industry standards and then support those standards with publications about best practices and offering training. Enter the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board or ATAB for short."

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