Monday, July 14, 2008

BORELLI CONSULTING: Recreational Equipment Reviews

I am worried about planning at all times and am often looking for a good survival kit so that when the Left finally gets openly violent and starts to attack everyone else I will be prepared. Mr Borelli is a great guy for advice on this subject and I thought this review might help anyone else who is worried about the same stuff.

BORELLI CONSULTING: Recreational Equipment Reviews: "Depending on your background, whether or not you spent time in the military, what type of family you were raised in, etc you may or may not have received any training in the basic necessities of survival. It’s okay if you haven’t received any training because there are only about a gazillion survival kits available for sale through a boatload of catalogue and online companies. But which one do you need? This isn’t a review of which ones are best, but instead a look at what items such a “kit” should contain. Then you can select which one suits your purposes and/or build one of your own."

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