Friday, July 18, 2008

Mandatory Death Sentences for Internet Promotion of Apostasy in Iran

Tolerance? Since when does the Koran tolerate other religions? Well, it does tolerate Christians and Jews who admit that Muslims are their masters and pay money to be allowed to breathe.

Since I personally feel that Islam took a horrible shift at one point and left the Way of Peace for the Way of Jihad and War, I preach that Muslims should return to Judaism and Christianity. This means that if Iran gets its way, I will be dead, but they can piss up a rope until then.

The Jawa Report: Mandatory Death Sentences for Internet Promotion of Apostasy in Iran: "Iran is considering making the death penalty for apostasy mandatory. Not only for the apostate--the person leaving Islam--but for any one who promotes apostasy on the internet.

If the law takes effect, it would replace the current punishment for apostasy which gives the judge the option of imposing the death penalty.

Yes, Muhammad himself declared that apostates should have their heads cut off. Yet, Muslims insist that religious tolerance is part and parcel to the Religion of Peace.

I do not think that word tolerance means what they think it means.

Many liberal Muslims are opposed to anything in sharia that smacks of this kind of religious fascism. But you'd be hard pressed to find a single 'moderate' country with a Muslim majority that legally and openly allows religious conversion out of Islam."

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