Friday, July 18, 2008

Police officers attacked by mob over litter row

What silly cops! Don't they know that making a black girl pick up litter is racist? The appropriate response would have been to toss more litter on the ground to make her feel good about herself.

Or to beat her insolent, gang-banging butt into having a little respect for society and the laws there unto pertaining.

Police officers attacked by mob over litter row - Times Online: "Police said violence was sparked after the patrolling officers confronted the teenage girl at about 3pm.

They asked her to pick up a fast food wrapper from a nearby takeaway which she did, before immediately dropping it in front of them.

When they asked her to pick it up again a friend with the girl became aggressive towards the officers.

The incident escalated quickly as a group of 30 people gathered around the officers and attacked them. Around five young females were joined by a group of older males in their thirties and forties. All members of the gang were described as black."

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