Monday, July 14, 2008

Operation Backpack

I like hearing about good humanitarian efforts that bring goods to the poor, and not to their usually brutal overlords. I am also glad that Blackwater is getting a little good press for their efforts. Of course, it is only a little good press because the Media can not admit that Blackwater could do anything good.

Thank you to the Guard and Reserve units that started this effort. It is guys like you that make America great.

Blackwater Foundation: "Operation Backpack: Blackwater Worldwide in Action -
Camp Alamo, Afghanistan

Blackwater Worldwide logistics and procurement team members are known for their ability to acquire and transport anything, anywhere, and deliver it on time. But it’s not only contract work that motivates Blackwater logisticians to be the best. Working with U.S. and Coalition forces in Afghanistan, Blackwater helped make a dramatic impact on Afghani families living near an American base.

Beginning in late 2006, U.S. Army National Guard and Navy Reserve unit personnel took action to help stem the tide of misery and poverty just outside their base, Camp Alamo near Kabul, Afghanistan. Dubbed “Operation Backpack”, the project began as a small, grass-roots effort on the part of several soldiers and sailors to gather donations; school supplies, clothes, and personal items for the children were in great demand. The response from donors in the United States was overwhelming, but the logistical challenges were daunting as donated items piled up stateside waiting for delivery. With no charitable infrastructure to pack, warehouse, and ship the larger-than-expected donations streaming in, the deployed servicemen turned to Blackwater Worldwide for assistance.

For over six months in 2007, Blackwater donated expertise, time, and supplies to help make Operation Backpack a success. Blackwater logisticians contributed by sorting and loading donated goods stateside and by providing temporary warehouse space until shipments could be sent forward to Afghanistan. Once the flights were scheduled, supplies were crated in tri-wall shipping containers at Blackwater’s North Carolina headquarters, trucked to the airport, and flown to Afghanistan. Upon arrival in Kabul, Blackwater personnel stored the containers in warehouses and helped U.S. servicemen distribute the donated goods to needy families. In all, more than 25 tri-wall containers were packed and shipped by Blackwater to help make Operation Backpack a resounding success. "

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C L said...

You know, I'm currently working on a graduate project involving Blackwater and their corporate social responsibility program, i.e., Blackwater Foundation... do you feel, even in the slightest, that this 'program' is just a part of their public relations arm? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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