Thursday, July 17, 2008

Death penalty call for man who spread Koran translation

Sometimes I wonder why we are trying to help these people to return to the barbarian ways. Well, I guess even barbarians can desire to live in peace and freedom for their leaders. They should be able to live in peace, as long as they are not trying to harm others. No war, or get back a war yourself. Just ask the Taliban!

AKI - Adnkronos international Afghanistan: Death penalty call for man who spread Koran translation: "'This is all an American conspiracy to deviate Afghans from their faith,' said Al-Hajj Farooq Hussaini, the leader of a Muslim prayer association in the western city of Herat in an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI).

'They want us to be converted Christians or simply atheists. This American occupation of Afghanistan is worse than the occupation of Afghanistan by the Soviets,' he said.

Hussaini also referred to the case of Abdul Rahman, an Afghan Christian convert who was granted asylum in Italy in 2006. Rahman escaped a possible death sentence in Afghanistan for becoming a Christian.

'Earlier they protected Abdul Rahman who left Islam and converted to Christianity and now they are encouraging the distribution of the fake translations of Koran,' said Hussaini who is also the leader of a group led by Ismail Khan, Afghanistan's Energy Minister.

'Ghows Zalmay should be given an exemplary punishment for his crime,' he said.

Many Muslim bloggers have labelled some new translations of the Koran, as the 'American Koran', which they say is unauthentic and aimed at distracting Muslims from their faith."

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