Monday, July 14, 2008

California Fire Relief

More good news about Blackwater. Thanks for all your help around the world!

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Blackwater Worldwide Provides Relief within a Fire
90,000 Acres Burn, 211 Homes Destroyed

Maintaining a source of contractors with firefighting and disaster relief training and experience, Blackwater Worldwide stood poised to come to the aid of southern California amidst recent fires sweeping across San Diego County.

A few miles north of the U.S. and Mexico border, nearly 350 residents from the rural town of Potrero, were trapped by the fires that has destroyed at least 473 homes and buildings and consuming 90,440 acres of prime real estate. In this crisis, residents living a normal life found themselves suffering from lack of power, fuel, food, and relief supplies.

After the wildfires swept through the area, Blackwater donated food and supplies while offering aid in the form of supplies and service. State Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth (R-36th District) announced to the Potrero community that Blackwater has set up a “tent city” at nearby Barrett Junction, providing shelter for 200 displaced residents

Land near Dulzura, California was cleared of debris and flattened with where the tents, donated by Blackwater went up. Brian Bonfiglio, vice president of Blackwater West said, “Each tent has air conditioning, heating and lighting. The tents were inspected by county officials before residents moved in.”

Nearly 10,000 pounds of boxes arrived from Blackwater’s headquarters in Moyock, North Carolina. These supplies included tents, sleeping bags, clothing, televisions, DVD players, VCR’s, microwave ovens, boots and such creature comforts as coffee makers. Trailers arrived shortly after with male and female showers, one including three washing machines and three clothes dryers. These conveniences are being made to local residents, even those who don't stay at the tent city. Blackwater offered a three-month commitment to the displaced residents, including everything from food to shelter all free of charge.

Bonfiglio said, “Blackwater believes in helping communities and in keeping with the American spirit, wants to aid those in California in this great time of need. This is something we've always done. This is what we do.” "

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