Thursday, July 17, 2008

If it weren’t for the Marines

I love these humanitarian stories from the War zones. It is always nice to see Americans taking care of things that are within the abilities of the greatest nation on earth! Especially my Marines! Semper Fi, boys!

Go read the rest of this story to find out if you can help this poor kid. He needs the help. Thank the Lord for the people who help out kids like this.

If it weren’t for the Marines « MK’s Views - Down under on the right side: "Since his birth, Ahmed has suffered from a rare but fatal heart condition that if left untreated, will eventually kill him at an unthinkable, young age. Ahmed’s parents first noticed there was something wrong with their son when he was a year old. The medical condition present in Ahmed’s cardiac system keeps needed oxygen from reaching organs like a normal person’s circulatory system would, causing a bluish coloring around the eyes and on the face. Tasks such as walking up a set of stairs are very tedious for the young boy because of his medical condition.

Ahmed runs completely out of breath performing the simplest of daily activities. “I was extremely worried all these years, that I might not be able to get the help my son needs,” said Mallouki. “In our culture, the first born is very important and this is our first son.” Only recently did the light begin to peak through at the end of a dark tunnel for Ahmed and his family when Marines from Company B, Police Transition Team 8, Regimental Combat Team 1, and a charitable organization called “Gift of Life,” based in Tampa, Fla. intervened.

Ahmed’s condition was diagnosed at Fallujah Surgical when Marines took him in for an examination, said Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Craig W. Pasanen, a corpsmen with the team. Doctors discovered a hole in the septum of his heart that causes oxygen and deoxygenated blood to pass through the heart and not the lungs. Mallouki and his son have been working with coalition forces for the past year in attempts to get the money and medical attention that they so desperately need to help Ahmed."

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