Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cash-strapped convention panel cancels media event

Interesting that the only hope for a balanced budget in the US future is a Party that can't even balance it's own budget. Well, they could, IF they could raise taxes! Because raising taxes is the only way to get more money. Send armed thugs from the IRS to take the money from the job creating class!

Cash-strapped convention panel cancels media event: "The host committee for the Democratic National Convention faces a possible shortfall of $15 million, complicating logistics for the August event and forcing it to abruptly postpone a media walkthrough of the site scheduled for next week.

The committee announced Friday that it had delayed the session for the news media and hoped to reschedule at a later date. 'Postponing the event allows us to work through outstanding issues and ensure a successful event when media do arrive in Denver,' said Theodore LeCompte, the DNCC's director of media logistics.

Hundreds of representatives from television, radio and newspaper organizations were planning to attend the event Thursday at the Pepsi Center, where Democrats will gather Aug. 25-28 to nominate their presidential and vice presidential candidates.

The Democratic National Committee has asked the cash-strapped panel to raise $40.6 million by Monday to finance the event. Last month, the committee said it had just $25 million in cash.

Last week, business leaders demanded more details about convention plans, saying they need to know what events and schedules the city and organizers are planning so they can make their own plans. Convention officials promised more details will be announced in coming weeks."

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