Thursday, June 19, 2008

Iraq: War Shifting To Afghanistan

When the terrorists are fleeing, it allows a few personal grudges to be explored. Which is happening in Iraq. I just wish that the Left and Media could notice good news like this. It is such a waste of time to read the newspaper.

Iraq: War Shifting To Afghanistan: "In Iraq, al Qaeda has been reduced to one collection of cells in the north, around the city of Mosul. Here, some of the al Qaeda leaders are carrying out a revenge campaign, and have killed three Sunni Arab tribal leaders who used to support the terrorists, but now support the government. As usual, this has had an impact quite the opposite of what al Qaeda was hoping for. The Sunni Arab tribes are becoming more energetic, and brutal, in hunting down the terrorists, and the tribesmen who still support them. This is turning into a war of extermination, which encourages many of the al Qaeda operatives to head for Pakistan, where al Qaeda has established a base for a last stand. But some of the Iraqi terrorists cannot, or will not, go. So they will die, and try to kill a lot of Iraqis in the process.

The government has successfully used an ancient tactic for winning sectarian wars. That is, Kurdish and Shia police and army units were used against Sunni areas, while the recent Battle of Basra was spearheaded by the 1st Infantry Division, which is largely recruited from Sunni Arab western Iraq (Anbar province). Not only were the Sunnis happy to kill Shia, but the Shia militias had a historical fear of armed Sunnis that did not do much for their morale. Once the militia units were broken, Shia Arab police units came in to make peace and settle things down. The Shia militia units belonging to the Mahdi Army are being destroyed this way."

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