Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rachel Corrie's Dreams

Anyone this distorted is either mentally deranged, on drugs, or a Liberal. Is there an option I am missing? I just pity people who are so full of misplaced hate that they can't see the truth when it is surrounding them. Ms Corrie needed serious mental help.

Solomonia: Rachel Corrie's Dreams: "Here's an excellent review of Rachel Corrie's recently published journals, by Roberta P. Seid at Commentary. A snip:

...Finally, what is most curious about Corrie’s Journals is that hard as she tried to impose the ISM narrative on what she saw, her reports constantly contradicted this narrative, though she didn’t recognize the contradictions.

She wrote that decades of occupation had oppressed Palestinians, yet Gazans kept saying that their difficult situation was due to the Intifada and to Israel’s subsequent counterterrorism measures, not to a decades-old occupation. One Gazan said, “There was a peaceful time in the late seventies and early eighties…things were better before Sharon”—that is, before Sharon became Prime Minister in 2001. (253) Another told her: “Before—no tanks, no bulldozers, no gunshots. Quiet….No noise. After Intifada, daily. Gunshots daily.”"

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