Friday, June 20, 2008

Wolf Howling: Interesting Posts From Around The Web - 19 June 2008

I love reading the Wolf, because he has no real life and can find all the good posts. Today's links are excellent, and I do not say that just because he linked to me! I love reading him anyway.

Thanks for the link!

Wolf Howling: Interesting Posts From Around The Web - 19 June 2008
Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

From MK down under, during the past week, Iraq experienced the lowest number of security incidents since March 2004. And back at home, Blonde Sagacity notes that charges against the Marines over Haditha continue to crumble. Hillbilly White Trash posts on the plans of the Haditha Marines to sue Jack Murtha for defamation, noting "Murtha [smeared the Haditha Marines] not because he actually believed in the Marine's guilt but because he saw some short term political advantage in it."

Betsy’s Page notes the death of Bench Mark rage. "[N]ow that they have almost all been met, the Democrats somehow neglect to mention what before they had sworn were the crucial sign to see if the surge had succeeded."

Subadei ponders the conundrum posed by the Taliban’s safe havens in Pakistan and what that means for NATO, the U.S., Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Glittering Eye provides an update on Afghanistan.

Political Insecurity is still having difficulty believing that he found praise for George Bush’s conduct of the war on terror in the opinion section of the Guardian – a British paper known on occasion to make the NYT editorial board appear as neocons.

Don’t miss the continuing series, Wednesday’s Heroes, at A Rose By Any Other Name.

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