Wednesday, June 18, 2008

U.N.'s Arbour opposes taboos in human rights body

Just talking about sharia is now being banned by the UN? As much as I hate to agree with a UN type, well, a modern one, Ms Arbour is correct that the UN is supposed to protect freedoms, not caving in to barbarians from the Middle Ages.

U.N.'s Arbour opposes taboos in human rights body | International | Reuters
"Arbour, who steps down this month after 4 years the post, did not refer specifically to the incident in the Council on Monday when Egypt, backed by Pakistan and Iran, said referring to sharia there meant "crucifying" Islamic states."

But she pointed to treatment of homosexuals in many countries -- prosecuted as criminals in a number of Islamic and some other states -- as "fundamental" to debate on sexual discrimination around the world.

"It is difficult for me to accept that a Council that is the guardian of legality, prevents the presentation of serious analysis or discussion on questions of the evolution of the concept of non-discrimination," Arbour declared.

Monday's row centered on a scheduled 3-minute speech on behalf of two non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) and the Association for World Education (AWE), calling on Muslim countries to take firm action against "honor killings" and female genital mutilation.


The NGOs' speaker was repeatedly interrupted by Egypt, whose delegate, as seen on a U.N. webcast, accused him of trying to link these practices with Islam, and said discussion of sharia in the Council "will not happen" -- although the European Union and Canada argued that the address should go ahead.

Islam, the Egyptian delegate declared, "will not be crucified in this Council"."

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