Monday, June 16, 2008

Scandinavia On Alert

I am part Viking, so I am glad that my ancestors are starting to return to their traditional roots. Kick those Muslims who hate you back to the lands they came from! If the Muslims enter other lands, they need to respect the local laws and authority.

Counter-Terrorism: Scandinavia On Alert: "Scandinavia On Alert
June 16, 2008: Counter-terrorist officials in Denmark and Sweden have openly admitted that some of their Moslem immigrant citizens are involved in planning terror attacks in Denmark. Al Qaeda has called for such attacks, in response to cartoons published in Danish newspapers, criticizing Islamic terrorists, and Islam in general, for their violence. As a result of this dispute, Denmark in particular, and Scandinavia in general, are becoming more hostile to Islam, and Moslem migrants who take advantage of Scandinavian hospitality by openly calling for terrorist violence (to avenge real or imagined insults). The Moslem migrant communities in these countries are split. The majority just want to make the best of their new (and much improved) circumstances. But a sizable minority of these migrants are believers in al Qaeda, and its mission of converting the world (using force, if necessary) to Islam."

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